Woodchester Mansion

Recently voted one of the Seven Wonders of the Cotswolds in a poll last month conducted by the Cotswolds Conservation Board, Woodchester Mansion is a stunning grade I listed Victorian Gothic Mansion near Stroud with a very intriguing history.

The Gothic mansion was built on the site of a previous Georgian House in a secluded Cotswold valley untouched by time.  It was mysteriously abandoned mid-construction in 1873 and to this day has never been completed.  Today it is owned by the Woodchester Mansion Trust who have restored the building and turned it into a unique visitors’ attraction with a spectacular historic park.

Earlier this month there was another twist in the building’s curious history when archaeologists uncovered a “mystery” building not marked on any maps.  Their excavations were part of an ongoing project to restore Woodchester’s lost parkland.  It is thought that the structure, which was unearthed at an old stable block and is modern in appearance, might date from World War II when Canadian and American forces were stationed there.

Woodchester Mansion is located approximately 20 miles from Hilden Lodge and Hilden House and we feel if well worth the visit.  We will happily give directions and suggestions for other places to visit in the beautiful countryside around Stroud.

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